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Loving Paws

Providing safe and welcoming wrap-around services for EVERY pet to receive the care that they deserve.


Help us help others and their pets stay together.

Home Assessments

Healthcare and

Grooming Services

Pet Food & Supplies

Pet Education & Training

Voices from Our Community

"I cannot express enough gratitude for Terryl and his team. They gave us free pet food to last us a month and even helped me with a crate for my dog. I finally feel like I can afford to take care of my pet."

Deborah B. & Bella

"Loving Paws really is a lifesaver for pet owners like me. The team came to meet with me and my baby, Nikita. Her hair was matted and after the free grooming, she looks like a completely different dog!"

James H. & Nikita

"I couldn't afford to keep my 4th cat, but I also couldn't bear to give her up either. Loving Paws came in and found her a wonderful home with a loving family." 

Rhoda L. 

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